Each member of the Ponte Vedra Chapter NSDAR is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. Our patriot ancestors sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

If you think you have a patriot ancestor, you can search the DAR Ancestor Database to see if he or she has already been acknowledged as a DAR patriot ancestor. The database includes information taken from verified DAR membership applications and is not a comprehensive list of all who served in the Revolutionary War. New patriots are added as they are proven through DAR membership applications. If you would like us to help you prove your connection, please feel free to contact our chapter registrar.

Ponte Vedra Chapter’s Patriot Ancestors

Connecticut flag


Nathan Ainsworth, PVT
Nathan Beers, Jr., LT
Thomas Brown, PS
Jesse Foote, SOL
Frederick Freeman, PVT
Obadiah Gore, Jr., LT
Hezekiah Hopkins, PVT
Nathan Kingsley, LT
Salmon Kingsley, Sr., SOL, PS
Abner Lord, CAPT
Daniel Metcalf, PVT
Thomas Welcher Painter, PVT
Samuel Parmelee, CAPT
Ezra Peabody Stannard, PVT
James Terrell, PS
Joseph Titus, PVT
Dudley Woodford, PVT



Peter Brumback, PVT, PS*
Anthony Crumbley, SOL
John Harvey, PVT
Absalom Jackson, PVT*
John Lee, SOL
Micaiah Paulk, SOL, PS
Henry Taylor, SOL, PS
William Whidden, SOL



George Bohanon, PVT
John H. Boreman, PVT, PS
George Fisher, PS
John Hall, MAJ, PS
Joshua Hall, CS, PS
Jonathan Ogden, PVT
Aquilla Parker, STAFFOF, PS
William Richardson, SOL
Grafton White, PS

Massachusetts flag


Ebenezer Bartlett, PS
Ebenezer Bartlett, PVT
John Briesler, PVT
Perez Chapin, STAFFOF
Henry Dyer, Jr., CAPT
Benjamin Ellis, PVT
Isaac Green, PVT
Bartlett Hinds, CAPT
Stephen Holden, CS
Estes Howe, DR
Solomon Keyes, SGT
Joseph Rice, PVT
Jonathan Robinson, SGT
William Scott, MAJ*
John Shepley, Jr., PVT
Timothy Wellman, Sr., PVT
Timothy Wellman, Jr., PVT

New Hampshire flag


Joshua Bartlett, PS
John Ellis, Sr., PS
Nathaniel Emerson, LTC
John Huckins, PS
Henry Ingalls, LT, CS, PS
James Rollins, Sr., PS
William Scott, MAJ*

New Jersey flag


Jeremiah Cranmer, PVT
Lewis Dey, PVT
John Ely, PS
Richard Farrar, SGT
Abraham Van Horn Jr., PVT, PS

New York flag


John Schell, PVT
Jonathan Titus, CAPT

North Carolina flag


Frederick Barneycastle, PVT
William Barwick, SOL
John Billingsley, PVT
Charles Bright, SGT
Peter Brumback, PVT, PS*
John Cotton, SGT
Achilles Crafts, PVT
Joseph Cunningham, LT
Jacob Duckworth, CAPT
James Dysart, SOL
Walker Edwards, SOL
Joseph Embry, NONCOM, PS
Nicholas Fain, PS
Ebenezer Fain, PVT*
William Flake, PS
Zachariah Hester, PVT
William Holloway, PVT
Francis Kettner, PVT
David Kimball, SOL
William Kinchen, PVT
Robert McCall, PS
Charles Medlock, CS, PS
Henry Parish, PVT
William Paschal, PS
Robert Patten, CAPT
Henry Robertson, PVT, PS
Samuel Sellers, SOL
Travis Thigpen, PS
Joseph Watford, SOL
James Willis, SOL

Pennsylvania flag


Leonard Culp, CS, PS
Samuel Dodson, PVT
William Finley, CAPT
Matthias Fisher, PVT, PS
Jacob Gaumer, PVT
Bernhard Gitner, PVT
William Jameson, PVT
Richard Leedom, PVT, PS
Samuel Mitchell, SGT
Rinehart Replogle, Sr., PVT
Rinehart Replogle, Jr., PVT
James Shankin, PVT
James Steele, PVT
James Thompson, PVT
Jacob Vandike, SOL, PS
Jacob Van Meter, PS*
John White, Sr., CS*
John Wunderlich, Sr., PVT, PS
Adam Zehner, PVT

Rhode Island flag


Jonathan Barber, PVT
Ebenezer Tiffany, PVT


CAPT – Captain
COL – Colonel
CS – Civil Service
DR – Doctor
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
LT – Lieutenant
MAJ – Major
NONCOM – Noncommissioned
PS – Patriotic Service
PVT – Private
SGT – Sergeant
SOL – Soldier
STAFFOF – Staff Officer
* denotes a patriot listed in two states

South Carolina flag


Samuel Boyd, PVT
John Buford, PVT
Daniel Corbett, PVT
William Covington, PVT
John DeLoach, SOL
James Dowling, PVT
Daniel Elliott, PS
Thomas Franklin, PVT
Samuel Gladney, SOL, PS
Enoch Grubbs, PVT, PS
John Carrol Houston, CS, PS
Absalom Jackson, PVT*
Adam Crane Jones, Sr., CAPT
William Lifrage, PVT
Cornelius Ringo, NONCOM*
Jesse Summerall, PS

Vermont flag


Timothy Closson, PS
Francis Holden, PVT
Abner Marble, PVT

Virginia flag


Vital Beauvais, PS
Arthur Campbell, COL, CS, PS
Zachariah Compton, SOL
David Cox, LT, PS
Nathaniel Crenshaw, PVT
John Day, PVT, PS
David Ellington, PS
John Ezell, PVT
Ebenezer Fain, PVT*
John Foulks, PS
Peter Francisco, PVT
John Moseley Hadden, LT
Yancy Holman, PVT
Joseph Howe, CS
Joel Huntley, SOL, PS
Nicolas Janis, Capt, CS, PS
William Jennings, Sr., PS
James Luttrell, PVT
George May, PVT
James Mcmechen, PVT
William McMechen, PS
Edward Polley, PVT
Thomas Powell, STAFFOF
John Raines, CAPT
Cornelius Ringo, NONCOM*
James Robertson, PVT, PS
Nathaniel Sanders, PVT
Benjamin Stickley, LT, PS
George Stovall, Sr., PS
John Taliaferro, CAPT
Nicolas Taliaferro, LT
George Tolson, PS
Jacob Van Meter, PS*
John White, Sr., CS*
William Woodford, PVT

Canada flag


Louis Fontaine, PS